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Not only in the current time, when you are more often at home and need to cook everyday, our little friends in glass give special pleasure. They give you an uncomplicated and tasty meal in minutes. The best part is that everything is really ready in no time, because it only needs to be heated. And all without flavor enhancers or other crap.

Chickpea masala

Most people probably know the well-known Chicken Tikka Masala. In accordance to Veganuary we have created the vegan version of the well-known Indian dish. Without chicken and yogurt, but with chickpeas and coconut milk, the small variation is in no way inferior in taste to the original recipe due to the Indian spices. Garlic, ginger and garam masala give your immune system an extra boost.

Indian dal

Fancy some Indian food today? In accordance to the Veganuary you have herewith a vegan and really healthy dish. The classic lentil dish not only tastes good, it also provides you with all the nutrients such as protein, vitamin E and potassium, which are really good for you and give you energy. So an all around perfect meal for lunch or after a busy day at work!

Vegetable curry

Our vegan vegetable curry makes meatless nutrition easier and tastier than ever! With creamy soy cream, crunchy vegetables and original Indian spices, we beautify your lunch break. The combination of broccoli, potato, zucchini, carrot and bell bell pepper brings variety and enough vitamins on your plate. Embark on a taste journey to India and enjoy!

Vegetarian Bolognese

Hand on heart: how many of you love Bolognese sauce as much as we do? Our kitchen crew made something great and meatless. Lentils instead of minced meat: Lentils not only bring the right consistency, but are also in no way inferior to meat in terms of protein content. A very underrated food as we find.

Chicken fricassee

Some dishes simply remind you of your own childhood. That’s what happens in any case with this chicken fricassee, which tastes like grandma’s. The combination of tender chicken, fresh mushrooms, peas and fine cream, will take you raving back to the old days. The whole thing is seasoned with a dash of white wine and a little butter.
Without much effort or preparation, the classic family recipe is now available for your lunch break at home.

Chili con Carne

THE party dish par excellence is now also available for you in the home office. Together with a slice of bread, this is the perfect meal for those days when you only have a few minutes for lunch between your calls.
With fresh tomatoes, peppers and carrots you are well supplied with vitamins even in the dark season. Meat and kidney beans provide protein, the selected mixture of spices provide the very special taste.

Boeuf Bourguignon

The traditional French family dish for cold home office days in Germany. Finely braised roast beef with original French Burgundy wine will take you back to your last French vacation for a few minutes. An extra portion of vitamins you get of course, the dish is prepared quite traditionally with fresh carrots, mushrooms, garlic and onions. In addition to the typical herbs, of course, the bacon bits should not be missing.

Veal rosemary bolognese

The Italian classic par excellence, refined in PACE style. The combination of sun-ripened tomatoes, Mediterranean spices and tender veal, brings you the vacation feeling even in winter to Berlin and directly to your table. The veal provides a good portion of protein and the carbohydrates give you enough energy for the last hours until closing time. And of course, what should not be missing in a real Italian Bolognese sauce – a shot of red wine.


Asia to go, please! That’s what you get with our Teriyaki Beef dish for your own kitchen.
The combination of roasted beef, fresh vegetables and exotic spices, will surely give you an Asian taste. And by the way, you’re also doing something for your health, because peppers, carrots and zucchini are the perfect sources of iron and magnesium and also support a healthy muscle function and good concentration. So here you have the perfect meal for a long day at work.

Hungry in the home office!?

Come on by, dear Axel Springer employees: Get your portion of PACE for home. You get the EAT AT HOME glasses at the DELI and at the BILDBAR.