REM, the rooftop of the new Axel Springer building

A special location for special guests

A wonderful evening in sight.

Roof terrace REM on top of the new Axel Springer building

Urban Paradise above the rooftops of Berlin.

We allow our thoughts to wander, listen to relaxed sounds and enjoy one of the speciality drinks, far from the mainstream. We smell the scent of the herb garden planted there by princesses and work up an appetite for a big snack from one of the street food containers. And when the sun goes down, we feel a little closer to it – the sky above Berlin.

Enjoyment is at the top

There’s nothing at all wrong with refreshing yourself with a glass of water up here. But then you miss out on one of our specially developed drinks, such as the Vodka Cucumber or the Rhubarb Felt. With the latter, the sparkling water is already included, so to speak. No matter what our drink of choice is, we look forward to sundowners with you and the view over Berlin.

360° Berlin

No matter which way we turn up here, it’s all about Berlin. And it’s not just the atmosphere that comes from our city, most of the drinks do as well. Gin and vodka from Brandstifter, beer from Berliner Berg, the Freimeisterkollektiv for spirits and cocktails, the Schloss Vaux sparkling wine facility, fruit juices from Ostmost or cold, clear water from Spreequell.

Open to everything. But not to everyone.

This location is exclusively for all members of the Axel Springer family.

Monday – Friday
11.30 am – 8.00 pm
(Food & Drink B&C)

5.00 pm – 10.00 pm
(Sundowner Container, 9.30 pm Last Order)

11th / Top floor
Zimmerstraße 50
10117 Berlin

How can payment be made here?

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People enjoying the sunset on the REM roof terrace
REM-Ausblick auf das Axel-Springer-Hochhaus
REM Dachterrasse
Aussicht auf den Fernsehturm von der REM
Beach chair and bast umbrellas on the REM
Axel Springer employees on the REM roof terrace, in the background the old Axel Springer high rise
Herb gardens of the princess gardens on the REM
Roof terrace REM on top of the new Axel Springer building
Der Blick auf den Fernsehturm bei Nacht von der REM
View from the REM roof terrace with hot air balloon before sunset
Chef prepares street food in REM's food container
REM Dachterrasse
Seat cushions on the benches of the REM
Frau im Sitzsack blickt über das Geländer der REM auf die Dächer Berlins