The DINER in the new Axel Springer building

Everyone has taste. None is finer than Diner.

More secluded,
but open to all

Zimmerstraße 50
10117 Berlin


Different but equal

The DINER is the spatial counterpart to the open, lively CANTEEN. The DINER is a little more secluded and enclosed and therefore more of a classic restaurant. DINER offers the customary healthy and varied cuisine that you know from CANTEEN. However, DINER also offers the opportunity to do something about a possible rumbly tummy later in the evening or even at the weekend.

Tables in the DINER

Drink water!

As in the CANTEEN, drinking water is also available free of charge in the DINER.

Table reservation

Unlike in the CANTEEN, you can reserve a table in the DINER.

How can payment be made here?

Any more questions? Find answers in our FAQs.

The seating area in the DINER
Free water on the DINER tables
Tables in the DINER
Colleagues sitting at dinner in the DINER
Man and woman sitting at dinner in the DINER