Employees of Axel Springer SE register their guests at the reception. If they then go to reception, they will receive a visitor’s badge after presenting their ID card and will have to go through the baggage check once. Meanwhile, the colleagues from the reception inform the Axel Springer employee who then picks up the guest.


In all our outlets we offer a purely cashless payment. You can thus pay there by Paypal, EC and credit card and via the app dailyPACE.

It can be used to pay for everything except alcoholic beverages and food (i.e. non-alcoholic and hot drinks).

I will receive a corresponding receipt as a hospitality voucher at the cash register upon request. However, the receipts can also be reprinted at the revaluator. Currently, it is possible that a maximum of 10 documents from the last 90 days are available for reprinting.

MEETING BY PACE is an internal meeting service that gives employees of Axel Springer SE and all subsidiaries the opportunity to order food for business meetings.

The information and requirements for using MEETING BY PACE can be found here, as well as the link to the booking system.

You plan to provide food and beverages for individuals or a group in our restaurants, with the exception of the JOURNALISTENCLUB, the cost of which you or your department will pay/assume?
Then the choice to issue vouchers is the right one!
This way your guests or crew members can enjoy food and drinks without having to pay themselves.

A short overview of the most important information about booking a voucher can be found here.
The information including detailed instructions for ordering the vouchers in the booking system we have compiled here for you.

The entrance to the PAPA is currently only via Zimmerstraße 32.

As Axel Springer employees, you can claim your individual allowance from 1.4.2022 in all outlets where lunch is offered, i.e. in:

  • PAPA
  • REM
  • BILDBAR (from the reopening end of May/ beginning of June)

For all questions regarding the subsidization of meals for your employees, please contact support@pace.berlin.

The app offers many practical functions for your visit to the outlets of PACE. You can find all the menus and now also pay with the app if you don’t have your customer card or house ID with you.

Plus, you can top up your card or house card quickly and easily, even when you’re on the move!

And that is quite simple:

  1. Go to the dailyPAY button in the app
  2. Sign up and link your account once with your PayPal account
  3. Now you can log in and load your card or ID via PayPal with the desired amount

Download the dailyPACE app free of charge from iTunes or the Google App Store on your smartphone.
You can then link your customer card or house ID to the app at the charging station (in PAPA or in the new building on the ground floor) so that nothing stands in the way of cashless payment.

You first need to download the app in iTunes or Google Play Store on your smartphone. This is free of charge, of course. The second step is to take your smartphone to one of our upgraders and link your card to our app.

Here are the detailed instructions

You can get the customer card for a deposit of 10 € at the vending machine. You can find it in the PAPA or in the new building on the ground floor.

If you no longer need the card, you can return it to the machine and the deposit will of course be refunded or credited.

I can recharge my house card/customer card at the rechargers in the PAPA or in the new building on the ground floor. This is possible via PayPal, EC or credit card or via the app dailyPACE.

This is possible. To do this, you need to download the dailyPACE app (for iPhone or Android) and link it to your PayPal account on your cell phone.

You can reserve a table at both DINER (from 11:30 am – 3:00 pm) and PAPA (from 11:30 am – 3:00 pm). This works very simply via our booking tool.

For more help and info, check out our table reservation guide-pdf.

Table reservations for Axel Springer SE employees are also possible in the JOURNALISTENCLUB. To do so, simply write an email to journalistenclub@pace.berlin

In CANTEEN, CAFE and REM it is unfortunately not possible to book a table.


EVENTS BY PACE manages of all event requests and projects of Axel Springer SE and its affiliated companies.