Our philosophy

A passion for hosting

When we say host, there is a particular focus on the act of giving. Because that's what everything we do is about:
GIVING something to the guest.
This may be the brief moment of pleasure when you taste the first bite of one of our dishes, or perhaps the lasting enjoyment of our various outlets, or the enthusiastic reactions and memories of visitors to an event we have created.

First of all, PACE is an acronym for People At Axel Springer Creating Catering And Events. In purely formal terms, then: PACE is a 100% holding of Axel Springer SE, Europe's leading digital publisher, and undertakes the two business segments of event management and gastronomy within the group. However, the most important thing for us is the word PEOPLE. All PACE staff members are passionate about our mission to experience satisfied visitors at our events and restaurants every day.


The big and the small

We have learned that there is something that the two areas of catering and events have in common: our guests feel the passion and energy that we put in, and they return this to us. By returning to us again and again and looking back fondly on the experiences we have created.

Herb wall in the CANTEEN

In the food sector, cooking regionally and sustainably is a matter of course for us. Every detail is important in creating the big picture. For example, we prefer to offer a soda from Berlin rather than a lemonade that you can get on every corner. In the event sector, nothing is too big or too small for us. We put the same effort into a workshop scheduled at short notice as we do into a big international award show. We design and organise both from A to Z.


Our team

We employ chefs, service staff, buyers, event managers, office clerks, social media professionals and many more. Why not take a look?

  • Anja Noack

    Head of Human Resources
  • Anja Noack
    Event management project manager

  • Susann Lenz

    HR Administration Staff
  • Susann Lenz
    Event management project manager


...could be you. If you would like to become part of PACE as a chef, buyer, event manager, office administrator or social media professional, we look forward to receiving your application!